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abundant food and water, even in the desert


Sustainable farming for resource-poor environments


Farm Zero develops sustainable farms for dry environments.

Our farms are designed to grow fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. We produce competitively priced, environmentally friendly, high quality products near local markets.

Farm Zero combines dry land innovations in a modular framework, using seawater based systems as core know-how. We can grow food where it has been difficult or impossible, even the desert.

Using only sunlight and seawater, wind and wasteland, our farms are designed to be among the world’s most sustainable farms.

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Agriculture uses over 70% of the world’s fresh water resources.

source: wikipedia,

Agriculture as a sector causes enormous environmental harm, for example:

  • more than 25% of yearly CO2 emissions;
  • destruction of virgin rainforest for palm oil production; and
  • chemical and nitrate runoff pollutes fresh water supplies.


Agriculture should and can be sustainable and responsible.

  • preserving and restoring land
  • replenishing groundwater supplies
  • avoiding chemicals and pesticides
  • while producing the food that we need.


Our farms efficiently use plentiful resources like seawater, sun, wind, and wasteland.

We produce abundant crops, fresh water, and restored land.

  • proven technologies
  • traceable, responsible production
  • tailored to local demand
  • year round, predictable production.


All of Farm Zero’s projects are designed with the belief that our farms should also positively impact the local environment and local communities.

  • sustainable consumption
  • green jobs
  • fair living wages
  • decent working conditions


Bring FarmZero to Your Community

Do you need a sustainable foodsource, want to reduce your community’s dependence on imports, and create local jobs?

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